The Benefits of Searching For and Investing in a Low Cost Franchise

Today, even individuals that do not have a lot of extra savings are looking to take advantage of investing in a low cost franchise, or an affiliate org. If you pick up a magazine dedicated to this subject, you will quickly find that it will take a fair amount of research to find an opportunity that you can profit from. Chances are, if you read the reviews and ratings carefully, several franchises may appeal to you. As may be expected, there may be many factors that influence your final decision.

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Investing-Off Plan in Italy

Investing off-plan is where a purchaser makes a commitment to buy from a developer a property that has not yet been built or is in the process of being built. This type of investment hides a number of risks, the major one being the builder going bankrupt and the buyer losing his money. The Italian legislation provides a number of protections for the buyers of such type of properties. The law 122/2005 declare the obligation of the builder to offer a surety bond. This is to guarantee the buyer for the money deposited prior to the transfer of ownership of the property, in case of bankruptcy or default. According to art.1 of Law 122/2005 the builder is obliged to offer such surety bond at the latest at the moment of the signature of the Preliminary Contract. In absence of such surety bond the Preliminary Contract will be considered void unless the buyer explicitly wants it to produce its effect. The surety has to be clearly mentioned in the Preliminary Contract. According to article 2 of Law 122/2005 the surety needs to be a Bank, Insurance Company or a Financial Broker authorized by Bank of Italy.

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Get Started Investing in North Cyprus Property

A really popular to live at the moment in Europe is Northern Cyprus and most might say that is down to the weather there. Cyprus has an incredible 300 days of blue skies and sunshine throughout a normal year. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and Northern Cyprus has also become a popular place to buy villas, as prices are very reasonable and you have an excellent chance of renting it out nearly all year round due to the perfect all year round climate.

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