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Buy to Let Property Investment in North Cyprus

If you are not accustomed to property market terms then allow me to explain what “Buy to Let” actually means. Well it’s quite straight forward really as it’s just a question of buying and completing on a property followed by letting it out to as many people as possible. The only important factor to consider is that your rental income covers your mortgage payments.

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Investing in Information Systems

Information System’s (hereafter referred to as IS) main purpose is to create value. This is achieved through innovation and by measuring progress in a continuous manner. But an organization must spend less time trying to prove their IS value and more time delivering meaningful results. Information officers must learn to manage capital like a financial planner, balancing value, risk and costs to closely align the department with the company’s direction. Many organizations still regard technological properties as expenses, rather than seeing them as investments. Business managers should understand what element of the budget are support expenses (the minimum needed to maintain existing service levels) or discretionary expenses (investments to enhance current services).

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