Get Started Investing in North Cyprus Property

A really popular to live at the moment in Europe is Northern Cyprus and most might say that is down to the weather there. Cyprus has an incredible 300 days of blue skies and sunshine throughout a normal year. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and Northern Cyprus has also become a popular place to buy villas, as prices are very reasonable and you have an excellent chance of renting it out nearly all year round due to the perfect all year round climate.

You can find almost everything in North Cyprus and apart from the climate you also have lower all round prices, an ancient culture, very amicable locals and a safe and secure environment, making this the ideal place for property investment.

If you are just looking for a quick return or even a long term investment, you need look no further than purchasing a villa in Northern Cyprus. You will be surprised on the amount of development that is still going on there and this alone will give you the confidence you need. The smartest way to make money is through buying off-plan and that way by the time it has finished in about 18 months, you will have already made a big profit.

I wouldn’t be telling you all this if I couldn’t back it up, but I have bought several villas in Northern Cyprus over the last few years. The conclusion to my investments is that each villa has appreciated by an average of 25% per year and I only have to rent them out for an average of 14 weeks per year in order to cover the monthly mortgage repayments. Not only that, but I have managed to clear my UK mortgage in just 3 years, so I am a winner on all fronts.

The second hand property market also has plenty of bargains to offer and an average 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa with private pool and sea view can be picked up for as little as 120.000 pounds sterling, so keep your eye for this type of offer as they don’t hang around for long. The best tip I can give you at this stage would be to always make an offer about 15% under the asking price and you’re in business.

Making this kind of decision is not always easy so if you need more information and I mean completely independent information, then head over to a great web site at and get informed. You will pick up some great advice and tips on every aspect regarding Cyprus and the blog will guide you in the right direction.