Investing in Information Systems

Information System’s (hereafter referred to as IS) main purpose is to create value. This is achieved through innovation and by measuring progress in a continuous manner. But an organization must spend less time trying to prove their IS value and more time delivering meaningful results. Information officers must learn to manage capital like a financial planner, balancing value, risk and costs to closely align the department with the company’s direction. Many organizations still regard technological properties as expenses, rather than seeing them as investments. Business managers should understand what element of the budget are support expenses (the minimum needed to maintain existing service levels) or discretionary expenses (investments to enhance current services).

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A Small Business PBX System is a Profitable Investment

In business, whether big or small, the telephone is an important means of communication between the customer and the organization. So it is necessary to provide a suitable phone system which contributes a lot to the enhancement of the business. Today, as a result of the rapid progress in the fields of information technology and telecommunications, there are a number of products and services which are affordable for the small business establishments. To maintain better business relations, a small business PBX system is a profitable investment to meet your small business requirements.

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Stop the Instant Gratification – Invest the Time and Get That Sale

Imagine this for a just a minute. Go ahead and close your eyes. Do it, no one’s watching. OK fine, keep your right eye open so that you can read this article. Think about what it would be like? Think about what it might be like if you were able to make an outbound telephone call and instantly make a sale! No more stress, huh? No more emails from your boss saying, “What are you going to do to reach your sales numbers this week?” Imagine what your life would be like with that unique ability to just pick up the phone and boom a sale? Sure this sounds like a nice story in sales wonderland, and yes, anything’s possible, but is it likely?

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